Frequently Asked

How many bottles can MySommelier accommodate?

MySommelier is available in four versions, which can accommodate different quantities of bottles. The wine cellar can hold 48, 56, 64, 72 wine bottles.

What are the customizable parts of the wine cellar?

The customizable parts of MySommelier are the covering and the perforated panel with the relative doors.

What are the delivery times for MySommelier wine cellar?

MySommelier is usually delivered in 60/90 days from the date of the order, to allow production, to guarantee the quality and precision and to customize the finishes.

How can I install the wine cellar MySommelier?

The wine cellar could be installed both recessed or wall mounted.

What does the Manufacturer's Warranty include?

The Manufacturer’s Warranty as per current legislation in Italy provides:

  • Refrigeration and Mechanical Units: 12 months
  • Electronic parts and other small equipments of the cellar: 6 months
  • Glass Parts: excluded from Warranty
  • The warranty is not extended to parts and units that have been broken due to incorrect, negligent, improper use of the equipment and/or lack of adequate maintenance.
What are the MySommelier sizes?

The four versions of MySommelier have different sizes:
MyS48: 959x610x2300 mm
MyS56: 1082x610x2300 mm
MyS64: 1205x610x2300 mm
MyS72: 1328x610x2300 mm

Can i install more than one Wine Cellar and connect them?

You can connect up to a maximum of 10 wine cellars of the same version and sizes.

Which material can be use to customize MySommelier's covering?

The Mysommelier’s covering can be customized with any type of finish, both among those available and you request.

What are the installation times of MySommelier?

Installation times do not exceed 3-4 days.
Obviously they depend on the situation in which the wine cellar is installed.

Who takes care of the assembly of MySommelier?

MySommelier relies on its local dealers who involve its own technicians, or the customer can rely on his own trusted technicians (refrigerators and electricians), followed at a distance by the MySommelier staff. For more complex situations MySommelier can send technicians from its headquarters to carry out the assembly on site.