MySommelier is a dream come true for Michele Battaglini. 

Michele Battaglini is an Italian entrepreneur who was looking for a device that could store wine at the right temperature for long periods of time, be aesthetically beautiful and that could be customised.

When it does not exist, design it.

Henry Royce

After months of unsuccessful research, he decided to create this product with his own hands.

With his experience in high technology, he decided to design and manufacture a device capable of offering a complete solution for all his needs. MySommelier was thus born.



MySommelier is a furnishing accessory which is also a highly technological instrument. Given the limitless customisable options of its finishes, this product it is both elegant and sophisticated and is suitable to both private homes and luxurious contract environments.

MySommelier can be entirely customised. The attention to detail and to the most advanced technology are MySommelierʼs flagship. A perfect blend of luxurious craftsmanship and industrial reliability. 

The MySommelier app lets you search for the desired bottle, which will light up in a different colour, activating the automatic opening of the glass door. 



MySommelierʼs components are made with high quality aluminium. The stainless steel applied guarantees the equipment’s resistance to atmospheric agents. For this reason, MySommelier is an ideal interior design solution also in the nautical environment and in beach front homes. 

The Exclusive Vibration Absorption System (EVAS) preserves the wine from vibrations and avoids noises. The slow speed refrigeration process allows the storage of all wine bottles at a constant and uniform temperature, without the temperature differing among the upper, lower and sides zones.

 The mSm (motorized Smooth motion) technology guarantees total protection and safety for your precious wine collection. Only authorised persons can operate MySommelier.